Online auction need branding as retractable banner stand promotion

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Among the vast network of sea, how to use Internet auctions to create business opportunities? Observed to successful online auction house usually mastered these two elements of the “brand” and “customer service”, and fully implemented in the daily operations to the fierce competition in the online auction market, and create their own piece of blue sky.

Sellers in the auction business in the Internet quite a few million results for “sellers market joined this racquet just is not made overnight, but after some rigorous learning, in order to create a robust online auction business model. Based on observation, the success of the online auction house usually mastered “brand” like the use of retractable banner stand to promote in the physical world and “customer service” these two elements, and fully implemented in the daily operations to the fierce competition in the online auction market, and create their own piece of blue sky.

Growth of green skin care product

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If you noticed on the packaging of origin labeling, may find that life is filled with China, Vietnam and Thailand manufacturing, while you proud of the brand-name clothes may be produced by child labor, mobile phone parts work overtime, salary cheap Chinese labor assembly, and even yesterday with shampoo, ingredients on the environment may result in serious injury.

In environmental protection, human rights awareness is high, the information age has nowhere to hide, corporate social responsibility become almost every enterprise must do their homework. But the real environment, social issues, integration into the corporate philosophy and management structure, and indeed “conscience enterprise” does not have much.

But, to be engaged in the cause of conscience is easier said than done? When investors attempt the big money from the stock price climbs, the staff relies salary to feed their families, how to strike a balance between conscience and make money, may be the many business struggling every day problems.

These issues, perhaps in the primary introduction of The Body Shop US, Meiya Chairman Huang Huijuan mouth, you can hear different answers.

The little guy Innovation to create a big business

1976 A 34-year-old Italian-American female teachers Anita Roddick, in order to help her husband Gordon a round horse riding dreams across North and South America, toiling for the picking up of the FPA, the United States set up a company called The Body Shop in Brighton, UK makeup store.

Through the early years of the experience of travel around, Anita found that many women around the world are using natural raw materials for maintenance, and developed the concept of a series of popular skin care, hair care, skin care products. Its early days, the store only 20 kinds of products, in order to help consumers make the most appropriate choice, Anita 5 kinds of capacity for each commodity packaging, the price is also decreasing gradually from small and large amount. This is not only the innovation of the retail market, and also to meet the demand to fill the shelves.

How car producer use small video production and cheap retractable banner to promote

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The cheap Blog Marketing swept businesses, compared with the text, images and pictures presented liveliness, be able to bring more rich message, video blog became another marketing enterprise value as retractable banner stand in the past. In the end, which enterprises have developed creative marketing through video blog? How they do?

The past two years, the video blog became the focus of the users, because compared to the text under the image, the picture presented by the presence, the richer the content of the message, so also let The mass gradually Note powerful video blog contagious. Especially through the bookmark sharing site show amazing spread of power, but also to see the charm of the video blog. About this tool, and through proper operation, no matter how large, small and medium-sized enterprises, and even the auction house can create many new opportunities through video blog.

Olympic cheer leading show with retractable banners

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Yahoo! as even behind US’s Olympic team, organized by the US RUN up activities, combined with the many online and physical activities, including the “three days and all of US relay road race”, “celebrity PK tournament, as well as creative cheer leading big raise and so on. Which creative cheer leading large raise, Yahoo! membership can own creative dress team retractable banner, uploaded to the event website, the winners receive up to fifty thousand yuan bonus. Less than two weeks, there are over three hundred groups of users register online and vote more than more than 40,000 users, browsing over one million people, as much as 40 million non-repeated patronage of activities on-line users echo very well received.